Floyd County Health Department : Contact for a list of  septic tank inspectors as well as water testing facilities: (540) 745-2141     

Department of Conservation and Recreation: Erosion and sediment, stormwater, nutrient management. (540) 394-2583

Virginia Cooperative Extension: Pesticide and fertilizer information. (540) 745-9307

Virginia Household Water Quality Program and Master Well Owner Network

EPA Source Water Protection

VDH Office of Drinking Water



  1. In Floyd there are only 2 AOSE in residence, David Hall of SETEC; and Jeff T. Walker of Blue Ridge Site and Soil. Both firms have experience throughout the Blue Ridge, New River Valley and Piedmont in providing landowners with useful information about the design and permitting of on-site systems.

    Others listed on DPOR’s web site are public employees of VDH, or from other regions of the Virginia. Naturally services offered will vary and clients should inquire about their specific interests.

    AOSE are private contractors licensed to engage in evaluating sites which require septic systems and wells, proposed or existing, for suitability.

    We also inspect existing systems and when necessary recommend solutions for systems in need of repair or replacement. There are about 300+ AOSE in the entire state, including those which work as EHS (Environmental Health Specialists) for the VDH. EHS and other VDH employees are not permitted to consult on private projects, EHS are also not permitted to evaluate sites outside of their training, so called “conventional” drainfields. Nor are the EHS engaged in permitting for business, multifamily, industrial or other process waters; only residential.

    Indeed the Commonwealth of Virginia subsidizes this service, though this is affected by backlogs, restrictions and the inconvenience of arranging for public service to solve a landowner’s unique site issues.

    Unfortunately the New River Health Department has changed policy and no longer provides any lists of authorized on-site soil evaluators as we were originally designated by the VDH. Currently AOSE is an acronym for “Advanced On-site Evaluator” or “Alternative On-site Evaluator”, and are licensed through DPOR (the Department of Occupational and Professional Regulation).

    To locate an AOSE familiar with your location is not so easy, a list is provided at DPOR “license look-up” DPOR regulates many fields including Professional Engineers, Contractors, Soil Scientists & AOSE, Architects, Surveyors, Realtors, Waterworks Operators, and other fields as well (you’d be surprised).

    I hope this sheds some light on a complex subject. I appreciate the interest of the community in developing the Sourcewater Protection Documents, and gathering the information to create a relevant explanation of the interconnections between water use and water quality.
    Jeff T. Walker AOSE/CPSS

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